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Monthly Letter from our Executive Director, Dave Carlo: 



     Before I begin I just want to convey my appreciation this month of thanks. I am so grateful for our employees and volunteers. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to our Veteran's who have selflessly served our nation.  I hope everyone has a safe holiday and gets to enjoy a delicious meal with loved ones. 


    I sometimes ask, ”Does what I do in my volunteering really matter?”


    When I return to my Meals on Wheels route after a week or two off due to time conflicts, I’m always cheered by the glowing responses of the recipients of those meals. We chat for a moment and bid our farewells, always with a “Thank you” and “You’re so welcome. Take care!” I am refreshed anew, and my truck takes me to my next recipient.

    Another volunteering experience was working with the Afghan families brought to our valley by the Grand Valley Resettlement Project (GVRP) which was made up of area churches and volunteers willing to help. These families were stuck in Afghanistan after the U.S. pulled out of the country. They had cooperated with elements of the United States and were looking at a dangerous or at least difficult life in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over again.

    Some of the project directors that these Afghans had worked with chartered planes to fly into an outlying airport. With very little notice, these families raced to the airport with only a bag and the clothes on their backs. These families were housed in Abu Dhabi or Albania for upwards of two years while they were processed by our state department.

   As families were processed and brought to the Grand Valley, GVRP sprung into action. We got these people housing, furniture, sundries, school placements, medical help and all the necessities.

    As we helped these displaced families, I never heard a disparaging comment. The Grand Valley opened their arms to these families and welcomed them to a better life.

    I can’t tell you how gratifying the smiles of parents and children being introduced to their new classmates and schools were. I will keep those images close to my heart until I pass from this place.

   So…yes volunteering matters. I am immensely grateful for every opportunity I have to help and appreciate the experience.

    Why keep this joy to yourself? Invite a friend or neighbor to come with you the next time you volunteer…and tell them RSVP sent you.


"Sometimes it takes only one small act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life." - Jackie Chan.


                                                                     Best Wishes,


                                                                               ~ Dave

Cynda Byers is our volunteer of the month...


Changing lives since 2001,
Cynda began volunteering with RSVP in January of 2001! 


Cynda has served at HopeWest the entire 22 years. She has also volunteered with the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and the Mesa County Fair.


Valerie, our Volunteer Manager, asked her how she started with RSVP, and she said she wasn’t sure but thinks that Sheryl Click with Hilltop told her about RSVP and she has been a faithful volunteer  since.


Valerie asked Cynda, "What would people be surprised to know about you?" to which she said that she is a huge animal lover and loves to take her dog for walks and hikes. She is a big lover of the outdoors. Also, when she was 15 she got her picture taken with John Wayne in Moab, UT!
Cynda was originally from Grand Junction, but moved to Golden when she was 7. She moved back to Grand Junction in 2001. She was able to cross something off her bucket list at that time. She always wanted to ride a motorcycle across the Colorado National Monument and was able to do that. She rode from one end of the Monument to the other and turned around and rode back the other way. She said the ride was thrilling.
When asked what she would say to someone considering volunteering with RSVP. She said, “Definitely do it. It’s a wonderful way to be active, meet new people, make friends, and help people. Volunteering is so enjoyable and there are so many opportunities. There is something for everyone.”
Thank you Cynda for your many hours of service. We are very grateful for your dedication to our community. You are appreciated!
If you see her this month, make sure to say Happy Birthday to our phenomenal 
Volunteer Manager, Valerie Herrera Hanner! 
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CAUTION! Old men with power tools...
Thank you to our handyman ramp crew! 
Looking good in their new shirts they had made.
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